Tips to Keep Your Bins Clean

 In the midst of the summer heat, trash bins are at their worst! Your trash bin is a playground for germs, bacteria, and horrible smells. Even though your trash bin likely exists outside of your home, without proper cleaning, those germs and bacteria can find there way back into your house.   So, what are some trash bin best practices to keep those germs and stinky odors at bay?   Regular rinsing.   It can be easy to let food scraps and garbage accumulate at the bottom of your bin, that the garbage truck may not always get out. One of the best things you can do to prevent this compacted buildup you see at the bottom of your bin, is to rinse the inside and outside of your bin with soap and water after each use!   Use disinfectants.   A great way to take it a step further and kill those bacteria that spread to even the outside and handle of your can, is to spray it down with a disinfectant after rinsing it with soap and water. Many household disinfectants will certain